Ubermat Decals

The lovely Brittany form UberchicBeauty asked me trial decal making using my Uber Mat to see if they could be stored for use at a later time. Now of course it’s most ideal to make them and use them straight away but sometimes life just has other ideas. Partner’s insist it’s time to go out, kids need ferrying around and “hello, I’m doing my nails!” just doesn’t shut them up! So lets get straight into it.

This is a bit lengthy and the pics may look a bit same so if you can’t be arsed to read it all just nip down the bottom to the conclusion. If you do read it then thank you very much 😊


Just in case you have been living under  rock for the past few month, this is the UberMat.

File 23-01-2016, 10 41 09 AM
Photo taken from Uberchic Beauty website


I am assuming you all know how to make decals and this exercise is not a decal tutorial. There any number of excellent decal tutorials out there in Youtube land.

I made two different decals. The red and green are just straight painting between the lines using a image from UC 1-01 and the floral one using an image from UC 1-02 that I coloured in and then painted over with white polish after I took the photo to make them thicker to see if that affected the longevity. I left all of the decals for 3 days before applying them.


  1. Shot glass. Opting for the easiest option first I just stuck a shot glass over the top of the decal on the Uber Mat sealed with a swipe of cuticle oil.
Yes I collect shot glasses from Hard Rock :o)


After 3  days I applied the decals. They were brittle around the edges where the polish was thin but still useable with care. I rolled the decal to bend it a bit and cut a rough nail shape out before I applied it over tacky top coat. They look pretty good and would be a great no effort required method if you just needed to keep them a short time. I did knock the glasses over several times during the test because I’m clumsy!

File 23-01-2016, 11 53 25 AM

2.Cheap non airtight container.  The decals are on a piece of baking parchment so they didn’t stick to each other or the container. This is just a container that came with take away Thai.

File 23-01-2016, 9 34 20 AM

After 3 days the decals were much more brittle than the shot glass method. The floral one less so as the polish was thicker. They still applied but were really tricksy and I know all of the pics sort of look the same but if you look at my nail edge they are a bit puckered (I hate that word) up where I couldn’t ease them over my curvy nails. Fresh decals applied as soon as they are ready to go have a certain amount of stretch to cope with bending over curves. These decals were really rigid.

File 23-01-2016, 11 37 48 AM


3. Small zip lock bags. Sandwiched between a folded piece of baking parchment and put into a tiny ziplock bag, the sort that nail supplies come in. All of the air was excluded before sealing.

File 23-01-2016, 9 35 27 AM

After three days these decals were still really flexible and almost as good as fresh ones. I’ll do a test leaving them for a longer period of time.

File 23-01-2016, 11 46 37 AM

Now this pic that looks like I’m about to make a rude hand signal is to show the decal from the Ziplock bag test and how it curved nicely over the edge of my nail.

File 23-01-2016, 10 17 24 AM


4. Airtight container. Now Brittany suggested Tupperware but I’m way too much of a tight arse to buy it so this was the next best thing. In Aus they are called Sistema and have a pretty good seal but I added Glad wrap just to make sure. The decals were again in a fold of baking parchment.

File 23-01-2016, 9 36 26 AM


These worked pretty well too but were not as flexible as the ziplock bag method presumably as there was more air actually on the container.

File 23-01-2016, 12 00 34 PM


So in conclusion: The best method to store decals would be the little Zip lock bag, followed by the airtight container, the shot glass and lastly the cheapo non airtight container which really worth bothering with. The shot glass wins for very short term for pure ease and laziness.

Now I’m off to treat my poor sore finger to a bathe in lovely cuticle oil :o)

PS I used to be a synthetic organic research chemist in my former life BC. Before Children. Its nice to get my brain out of the loft occasionally and use it.


Powder Perfect The Castle Collection

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Here are the polishes inspired by that piece. I used two coats for all my swatches though the cremes are virtual one coaters for those who apply them carefully. I’m not one ;o)



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Disclosure Statement

I know it’s still November and I’m breaking all of my own rules by doing a Christmas post before the 1st of December but…. well you really don’t want to leave this ÃœberChic Stamping plate for your list for Santa. You need it NOW to do wonderful Christmassy manis!


Gorgeous images aren’t they! I have a heap of mani ideas in my head busting to get out!!


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