Distressed Gradient

I’m not sure what to call this type of gradient but Distressed Gradient seems apt. It’s not your perfect blended gradient that I lust over with envy when I see them perfectly executed on Instagram. It’s a bit of a cheats gradient but I quite like it!

So here we go with a quick and dirty tutorial ;0)

piCture pOlish Distressed Gradient

The materials used are the same as for a blended gradient. An opaque white polish as a base coat – I used Cult Nails Tempest, the polish for the gradient – I find three polishes  work the best, a make up sponge and a latex barrier to aid clean up – I used Dance Legend Pure Manicure. (As an aside when it first arrived and I saw ‘Peel Off’ and thought it was a peel off base coat. Trust me it is not! Blonde)



Paint your nails white and apply the latex barrier.




Paint the three colours on the sponge making sure you overlap them. I do three coats of each colour.



Now comes the magic bit. Paint over the stripes with your opaque white polish. just one layer and let it soak fully into the sponge. It takes a little while.


Now press the sponge straight onto your nail. No jiggling about up and down as with a blended gradient or that’s what you will end up with. You really do just plonk it down and press. This is after one press down and it needs one more. Any more than two goes with the sponge and the mottled look disappears.

One plonk down of the sponge


So here we go after a second round with the sponge, looking much better and it will be even nicer after top coating.

Two plonks


And the final result with top coat….

With Top Coat


and stamping. The image I used is by uberchicbeauty Collection 4 plate 03


I hope this was useful. Be nice I’m a bit new at this blogging stuff!

M xx


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Iktsuarpok meets Moody Blues

Disclosure Statement

So here it is, my first blog post and my first Instagram post with my new name, @loveslacquer instead of @m-a-tom. This blog of mine has been a long time in the making. My two daughter’s created it for me, Helen started it all off and Hannah worked her web designer wand to finish it.

Few people are lucky enough to have a collaboration polish and then there are the very lucky ones who have two. Polly Polish aka my daughter Hannah is one such lucky duck. Moody Blues by piCture pOlish came first in 2013 followed by Iktsuarpok by Pretty Serious this year.

Moody Blues & Iktsuarpok
Moody Blues & Iktsuarpok

picture pOlish Moody Blues is a dark cerulean blue with silver flecked shimmer and ruby red micro glitter that play shy for the camera but certainly add depth to the polish in real life.

Natural light

Pretty Serious Iktsuarpok is a mid grey cream/ jelly (Hannah won’t let me use that name) with colour shifting glass flecks that change colour from a quite dark outdoors to lighter inside.

Natural light
Natural light
Light box
Light box
IMG_7869 2

I thought I’d try a gradient with them both and I’m really happy with the result!


And lastly a macro of the gradient to show those pesky red glitters!


I hope you enjoyed my first post. Here’s to many more xx