OPI New Orleans Collection

Disclosure Statement

OPI are right on pointe with this collection consisting of mainly crèmes, which I adore. It’s a collection of 12 and only one is red which is an added bonus 😉

File 9-02-2016, 11 44 25 AM
All of the pretties!


All swatches are taken in a light box and are two coats unless  stated otherwise.

Let Me Bayou a Drink – A gorgeous pale pink nudey shade with a shimmer that although you can’t see too well on the nail adds something to make it very lovely. Three coats for this beauty. Weddings are calling this one!

File 9-02-2016, 8 17 42 AM


Humid-Tea – The sister to Let Me Bayou a Drink, but a darker nude with the same shimmer. I do like this one.

File 9-02-2016, 8 21 20 AM


Take a Right on Bourbon – Is a metallic silver with a pink tint, a really unusual shade indeed. It does show brush strokes as all these types tend to. I’m not a fan however it does stamp really well!

File 9-02-2016, 8 18 26 AM


Suzi Nails New Orleans – Is a bright pink but not in your face bright. Everything about this polish is perfect

File 9-02-2016, 8 20 57 AM


Got Myself into a Jam-balaya – is a peachy pink crème and a little thin so I used three coats

File 9-02-2016, 8 21 09 AM


Crawfishin’ for a Compliment – This light orange crème and I love it more than it loves my skin tone.

File 9-02-2016, 8 21 31 AM


She’s a Bad Muffultta! – In real life it a little more coral than my photo and really quite lovely. I had to google Muffuletta, so its bread or a sandwich, right?

File 9-02-2016, 8 18 42 AM


Spare Me a French Quarter – This has the best formula of the collection, almost a one coater but I did two because, well I did! It was the one I watched first, it called me….

File 9-02-2016, 8 17 24 AM


I Manicure for Beads – Yes please! This one is so gorgeous and all purple lovers need it. I did two coats  but if you are in a rush one would nail it!!

File 9-02-2016, 8 17 58 AM


Rich Girls & Po-Boys – A china blue crème and another that is perfect in every way. It should be on your need list.

File 9-02-2016, 8 19 07 AM


Show Us Your Tips! – Described as a Periwinkle shimmer.This one is quite sheer and did need three coats but oh I’ll forgive it as it’s just beautiful!

File 9-02-2016, 8 19 18 AM


I’m Sooo Swamped – This one is not quite colour accurate, it’s a bit more yellowy but I haven’t seen a single swatch of it looking the perfect colour. I thought I wouldn’t like it but I do, the formula is on par with I Manicure For Beads

File 9-02-2016, 8 21 44 AM


I just love this whole collection. It’s too difficult to pick a favourite but if pushed I’d say Rich Girls and Po-Boys, Spare Me a French Quarter, Suzi Nails New Orleans and I Manicure for Beads would be at the top of the list.

This collection is available now in Australia from David Jones and Myer.