Essie Autumn 2015 – Swatches and Nail Arts

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Yay it’s officially Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere! Go away heat and let me get a jumper out.

This is a collection of six polishes that capture the powerful allure of the ingénues of the rock era with intensely saturated hues. Well said Essie, yep they are a powerful bunch!

File 28-02-2016, 2 11 12 PM
Bottle photo from


Leggy Legend – An alloyed bronze with tiny pink almost invisible pink shimmers. Two coats and this one stamps!

File 28-02-2016, 1 49 57 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 39 13 PM
Stamped using UberChic Beauty 3-03 and their Luxe stamper to shrink the image


Color Bling – A gorgeous orange red. One coat looked a bit dodgy but fixed up perfectly by a second though there is a slight vnl. Shoulda done a third coat.
File 28-02-2016, 1 48 00 PM


View the Band – A rich burgundy red and one I love! Two coats for this one.
File 28-02-2016, 1 58 10 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 39 00 PM
Stamped using UberChic Beauty 6-02 and Frock ‘n Roll


In the Lobby – A deep plum and such a wearable shade. Another two coater

File 28-02-2016, 2 06 36 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 38 16 PM
Vinailicious nail vinyls and Essie Beyond Cozy. Look at the middle, it’s perfect. The ring is stuffed up!


Bell -bottom Blues – Described as a midnight indigo this one applies much darker than the bottle and I was a bit disappointed with it. I wanted it to have more of an electric blue flash to it. Formula is great, two coats.

File 28-02-2016, 2 03 58 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 37 48 PM
Vinailicious nail vinyls and Barry M Silver Foil


Frock ‘n Roll – Essie describe this as espresso but I’d say more aubergine. This could be a one coater but I’m not careful enough for that so this is two coats. I love this one and yes it stamps!

File 28-02-2016, 2 00 34 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 38 28 PM
Stamped using UberChic Beauty 7-02

I’m assuming we will have these as a limited edition this autumn in Australia. Check out your local Priceline!

My favourites are Frock ‘n Roll, View the Band and In the Lobby

Essie Summer 2015 Collection

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I’m a bit late to the party with this collection, but hey it is still Summer down under!

File 28-02-2016, 1 08 12 PM
Bottle photo taken from

I absolutely love this collection and as we have summer weather mostly all year around in Brisbane I’ll be using these beauties a lot!


Private Weekend – This looks so pretty in the bottle with a gorgeous shimmer but sadly you can’t see it on the nail. This is three coats but I will forgive it as it watermarbles!! I’ll post that separately in a Summer 2015 Collection nail arts post😊

File 26-02-2016, 2 46 02 PM
See that lovely shimmer in the bottle only 😓


Chillato – Essie describe it as a frozen pistachio but to me its more lemon and a pretty shade. Another three coater.

File 26-02-2016, 2 46 32 PM


Peach Side Babe – This is the perfect summer peach shade and a great two coat formula.

File 26-02-2016, 2 46 52 PM


Sunset Sneaks –  A vibrant crimson red and just right for summer. The first coat was a little patchy but the second coat sorted

File 28-02-2016, 1 21 44 PM


Saltwater Happy – Essie describe it as a sugar-sweet atlantic blue and who am I to argue with that? It’s a winner for me, I love this one. Two coats of heaven.

File 28-02-2016, 1 22 08 PM


Pret-a-surfer – An intense marine blue and this one is a one coater and it stamps. I did use two coats for my swatch cos that’s what I’m like 😂

File 28-02-2016, 1 21 57 PM

This collection is a limited edition in Australia so nip down to Priceline pronto to nab them before they’re gone. My picks are the two blues 💙💙

Essie Cashmere Matte Collection

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I’ve had this collection for a few weeks waiting for the polish to hit the shops. They are Limited Editions and will be available from Priceline during August and September. The Press Release states that the polishes have a satin-matte finish that is durable and infused with a mattifier for texture and micro pearls for a luxurious super-soft finish. They certainly have a very unique finish.




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