Born Pretty Store – Ya Qin An Stamping polishes

Alison aka @bornprettyreview kindly sent me a selection of Ya Qin An stamping polishes. I’m always on the lookout for some good stamping polishes. These come in jumbo 18ml bottles and don’t have that god damned awful stink about them. I had a black, white, hot pink, yellow, green, a periwinkle blue and a dark blue to try. Now there aren’t any colours on the bottles, just a catalogue number to go from so I’ve included them at the end of the post and the item number on the swatch. Clear as mud?!


So on with the swatches. First up is….

Hot Pink – well of course that would be the first! It stamps really well and if anything is more vibrant in real life.

File 7-12-2015, 9 20 21 PM
Hot Pink #14 stamped using BP-25 over Spell Polish Clean Slate

Periwinkle – I’m a sucker for the blues and I loved this one. Probably a bit more opaque that the pink too. And blonde ole me forgot to hold the stamping polish bottle – on quite a few of the swatches….

File 7-12-2015, 9 42 34 PM
Periwinkle #18 Stamped using BPL-029 0ver Zoya Yves (the worst stainer in the world) with an accent of KB Shimmer Maybe Navy. No top coat.

Yellow – Formula a tad thin but OK, just not my sort of colour :/

File 7-12-2015, 9 42 52 PM
Yellow #21 stamped using BPL-002 over Zoya Honor

White – I loved this one, so opaque and easy to clean up!

File 11-12-2015, 3 28 31 PM
White, Catalogue #19168 stamped using Pueen Cosmetics Nature Lover 01 over Maybelline Pink Sand
File 11-12-2015, 3 23 37 PM
White stamped using BPL-024 over Scofflaw Étoile d’eau Salée

Black – I wanted to use a heavy stamping image to see if the polish picked up all of the design. I haven’t touched this up at all and there are only a few missed spots. I’m impressed with this one, again easy to clean up.

File 11-12-2015, 3 26 20 PM
Black, Catalogue # 19168 stamped using BPL-001 over Femme Fatale Noxious Mire

Dark Blue – A bit dodgy on the clean up as most dark blues are. Latex of some sort would be a must for this one. It did stamp perfectly.

File 11-12-2015, 3 20 47 PM
Dark Blue #17 along with white and yellow stamped using BP-33 0ver Orly Snow Cone

Yellow, White and pink combo – Dou

File 11-12-2015, 3 23 10 PM
White stamped using BP-L003 and yellow using BP-L001over Color Club Over the Moon

Black and White – and a bit of double stamping

File 11-12-2015, 3 27 48 PM
Black and White stamped using BP-42 0ver Color Club Not So Mellow Yellow

Black – And I’ve saved my favouritest mani till last. Oh how I love a good rose image! The black stamps so amazingly well

File 11-12-2015, 3 25 53 PM
Black stamped using BPL-024 over Color Club Right On, matte top coat
File 11-12-2015, 3 27 01 PM
Gloss top coat


File 11-12-2015, 3 44 49 PM
One last matte shot. Just because it’s so beautiful!

All of these stamping polishes do the job extremely well. My favourites would be the pink as it’s a bright one, periwinkle as I love a blue and the black and white as I go through such a lot of them it’s nice to have a big 18ml bottle. I realise I’m a total ditz and forgot to hold the actual stamping polish bottles for some of the pics. Well it’s not something you normally do, and that’s my defence :o)

The Black and White can be found on Born Pretty Store’s website, catalogue number 19168, here just choose the colour from the drop down list.

The Dark Blue, Periwinkle, Yellow and Pink can be found on BPS’s website, catalogue number 21282, here and this time chose the number for the colour.

These are all excellent additions to my stamping polish arsenal and will be used many times!