OPI New Orleans Nail Art

Disclosure Statement

I did a few nail arts with the New Orleans Collection so thought I’d do a blog post as not all of them will be posted on my Instagram account.


A Gradient – using Suzy Nails New Orleans, Got Myself into a Jam-balaya and Crawfishin’ for a Compliment. So easy to work with and I love the result
File 9-02-2016, 8 22 48 AM


Then I stamped over it and did such a bad job. It could have been lovely, grrrrr!!

File 9-02-2016, 8 23 46 AM
Stamped using Uberchic Beauty 7-02 and Sinful Colors SMW


She’s a Bad Muffuletta – I love this! I saw this technique on a @ohmygoshpolish’s youtube chanel. Basically its a decal made by black and white polish scraped together over a vinyl stuck onto my Ubermat.

File 9-02-2016, 8 23 03 AM
Urban Nail Art Black and White stamping polish and vinyls from Xroma Polish and Vinyls


Humid-tea – I love it when a regular polish stamps! The image is only one half of the nail and I reversed it using my clear jelly stamper. How did we manage without them?!

File 9-02-2016, 8 23 14 AM
Stamped using Bundle Monster BM-S224 reversing the image and She’s a Bad Muffuletta

I Manicure for Beads – And another one that stamps!

File 9-02-2016, 8 23 32 AM
Stamped using Bundle Monster BM-S221 and Take a Right on Bourbon


Let Me Bayou a Drink – and another one that stamps. Sounding like the record is stuck 😂 This is my favourite mani, tone on tone and so subtle and very work appropriate.

File 3-02-2016, 9 46 04 AM
Stamped using Bundle Monster BM-XL302 and Humid-tea


Got Myself into a Jam-balaya – I’m not sure about this one. I love it one minute then hate the next!

File 9-02-2016, 8 24 18 AM
Reverse stamped using Born Pretty Store BPL-029 and Mundodeunas White and dry brushed with OPI Color Paints

I’m Sooo Swamped – I have a relationship with vinyls that is pure hatred. Curvy nails don’t play nicely with them. Then after doing the red mani ⬆️ I tried doing this one on my ubermat as a decal. Not perfect but much better. I love this pattern but the little devils won’t come off the backing. In sheer frustration I whipped one off at 90 miles an hour and success! So my tip is just get violent with them.

File 9-02-2016, 8 24 48 AM
Nail vinyl from Vinailicious


Show Us Your Tips – That moment when you forget you have a clear jelly stamper….

File 9-02-2016, 8 25 06 AM
Stamping using Uberchic Beauty 7-03 and Urban Nail Art Black Stamping polish


Take a Right on Bourbon – I love this one, so simple and so effective 😍

File 9-02-2016, 8 30 44 AM
Stamped using Uberchic Beauty 7-01 and Urban Nail Art Black Stamping polish with a red dot of She’s a Bad Muffuletta just to be different!


Crawfishin’ for a Compliment – I love how easy it is to transform a mani with water decals!

File 9-02-2016, 8 24 35 AM
with Milv water decals

Spare Me a French Quarter – I love these cute bows. I actually wore this one as a full mani!

File 9-02-2016, 8 21 55 AM
Stamped using Bundle Monster BMXL302 and Urban Nail Art Black and White stamping polish


Rich Girls & P0-Boys, Show Us Your Tips and Take a Right on Bourbon – all smooshed together. So easy and I think looks awesome! (Could be biased….)

File 9-02-2016, 8 22 39 AM
Stamped using Ubechic Beauty Love & Marriage 02 with Urban Nail Art Black Stamping polish

So there you have it! I loved doing all of these. The whole collection lends itself to nail arts.

The New Orleans Collection is available now in Australia from David Jones and Myer.



OPI New Orleans Collection

Disclosure Statement

OPI are right on pointe with this collection consisting of mainly crèmes, which I adore. It’s a collection of 12 and only one is red which is an added bonus 😉

File 9-02-2016, 11 44 25 AM
All of the pretties!


All swatches are taken in a light box and are two coats unless  stated otherwise.

Let Me Bayou a Drink – A gorgeous pale pink nudey shade with a shimmer that although you can’t see too well on the nail adds something to make it very lovely. Three coats for this beauty. Weddings are calling this one!

File 9-02-2016, 8 17 42 AM


Humid-Tea – The sister to Let Me Bayou a Drink, but a darker nude with the same shimmer. I do like this one.

File 9-02-2016, 8 21 20 AM


Take a Right on Bourbon – Is a metallic silver with a pink tint, a really unusual shade indeed. It does show brush strokes as all these types tend to. I’m not a fan however it does stamp really well!

File 9-02-2016, 8 18 26 AM


Suzi Nails New Orleans – Is a bright pink but not in your face bright. Everything about this polish is perfect

File 9-02-2016, 8 20 57 AM


Got Myself into a Jam-balaya – is a peachy pink crème and a little thin so I used three coats

File 9-02-2016, 8 21 09 AM


Crawfishin’ for a Compliment – This light orange crème and I love it more than it loves my skin tone.

File 9-02-2016, 8 21 31 AM


She’s a Bad Muffultta! – In real life it a little more coral than my photo and really quite lovely. I had to google Muffuletta, so its bread or a sandwich, right?

File 9-02-2016, 8 18 42 AM


Spare Me a French Quarter – This has the best formula of the collection, almost a one coater but I did two because, well I did! It was the one I watched first, it called me….

File 9-02-2016, 8 17 24 AM


I Manicure for Beads – Yes please! This one is so gorgeous and all purple lovers need it. I did two coats  but if you are in a rush one would nail it!!

File 9-02-2016, 8 17 58 AM


Rich Girls & Po-Boys – A china blue crème and another that is perfect in every way. It should be on your need list.

File 9-02-2016, 8 19 07 AM


Show Us Your Tips! – Described as a Periwinkle shimmer.This one is quite sheer and did need three coats but oh I’ll forgive it as it’s just beautiful!

File 9-02-2016, 8 19 18 AM


I’m Sooo Swamped – This one is not quite colour accurate, it’s a bit more yellowy but I haven’t seen a single swatch of it looking the perfect colour. I thought I wouldn’t like it but I do, the formula is on par with I Manicure For Beads

File 9-02-2016, 8 21 44 AM


I just love this whole collection. It’s too difficult to pick a favourite but if pushed I’d say Rich Girls and Po-Boys, Spare Me a French Quarter, Suzi Nails New Orleans and I Manicure for Beads would be at the top of the list.

This collection is available now in Australia from David Jones and Myer.

Ubermat Decals

The lovely Brittany form UberchicBeauty asked me trial decal making using my Uber Mat to see if they could be stored for use at a later time. Now of course it’s most ideal to make them and use them straight away but sometimes life just has other ideas. Partner’s insist it’s time to go out, kids need ferrying around and “hello, I’m doing my nails!” just doesn’t shut them up! So lets get straight into it.

This is a bit lengthy and the pics may look a bit same so if you can’t be arsed to read it all just nip down the bottom to the conclusion. If you do read it then thank you very much 😊


Just in case you have been living under  rock for the past few month, this is the UberMat.

File 23-01-2016, 10 41 09 AM
Photo taken from Uberchic Beauty website


I am assuming you all know how to make decals and this exercise is not a decal tutorial. There any number of excellent decal tutorials out there in Youtube land.

I made two different decals. The red and green are just straight painting between the lines using a image from UC 1-01 and the floral one using an image from UC 1-02 that I coloured in and then painted over with white polish after I took the photo to make them thicker to see if that affected the longevity. I left all of the decals for 3 days before applying them.


  1. Shot glass. Opting for the easiest option first I just stuck a shot glass over the top of the decal on the Uber Mat sealed with a swipe of cuticle oil.
Yes I collect shot glasses from Hard Rock :o)


After 3  days I applied the decals. They were brittle around the edges where the polish was thin but still useable with care. I rolled the decal to bend it a bit and cut a rough nail shape out before I applied it over tacky top coat. They look pretty good and would be a great no effort required method if you just needed to keep them a short time. I did knock the glasses over several times during the test because I’m clumsy!

File 23-01-2016, 11 53 25 AM

2.Cheap non airtight container.  The decals are on a piece of baking parchment so they didn’t stick to each other or the container. This is just a container that came with take away Thai.

File 23-01-2016, 9 34 20 AM

After 3 days the decals were much more brittle than the shot glass method. The floral one less so as the polish was thicker. They still applied but were really tricksy and I know all of the pics sort of look the same but if you look at my nail edge they are a bit puckered (I hate that word) up where I couldn’t ease them over my curvy nails. Fresh decals applied as soon as they are ready to go have a certain amount of stretch to cope with bending over curves. These decals were really rigid.

File 23-01-2016, 11 37 48 AM


3. Small zip lock bags. Sandwiched between a folded piece of baking parchment and put into a tiny ziplock bag, the sort that nail supplies come in. All of the air was excluded before sealing.

File 23-01-2016, 9 35 27 AM

After three days these decals were still really flexible and almost as good as fresh ones. I’ll do a test leaving them for a longer period of time.

File 23-01-2016, 11 46 37 AM

Now this pic that looks like I’m about to make a rude hand signal is to show the decal from the Ziplock bag test and how it curved nicely over the edge of my nail.

File 23-01-2016, 10 17 24 AM


4. Airtight container. Now Brittany suggested Tupperware but I’m way too much of a tight arse to buy it so this was the next best thing. In Aus they are called Sistema and have a pretty good seal but I added Glad wrap just to make sure. The decals were again in a fold of baking parchment.

File 23-01-2016, 9 36 26 AM


These worked pretty well too but were not as flexible as the ziplock bag method presumably as there was more air actually on the container.

File 23-01-2016, 12 00 34 PM


So in conclusion: The best method to store decals would be the little Zip lock bag, followed by the airtight container, the shot glass and lastly the cheapo non airtight container which really worth bothering with. The shot glass wins for very short term for pure ease and laziness.

Now I’m off to treat my poor sore finger to a bathe in lovely cuticle oil :o)

PS I used to be a synthetic organic research chemist in my former life BC. Before Children. Its nice to get my brain out of the loft occasionally and use it.


Bundle Monster Part 2 – Basic Instinct Plates

Ooh now these are a bit saucy!

File 3-02-2016, 7 59 01 AM
Image taken from Bundle Monster website

There is a mix of naughty and nice on the five plates. Mostly naughty! Lets start with the nice shall we….

Plate BM-XL 302 has some of the less naughty images on. OK if you ignore the bondage and handcuffs…. 🙈

I love the cute bows on this one

File 3-02-2016, 9 13 35 AM
OPI Spare Me a French Quarter? stamped with Urban Nail Art White and Black Stamping polish


Some tone on tone stamping for a work appropriate lacy mani

File 3-02-2016, 9 46 04 AM
OPI Let me Bayou a Drink stamped with Humidi-tea

BM-XL 302 and 303

The naughty main….

File 3-02-2016, 9 52 31 AM
OPI Coco-Cola Red with an ancient Gloss n Sparkle Spectraflair top coat stamped with Mundodeuneas Black and Barry M Silver Foil

These plates won’t be to everyone’s taste but taking out the more rude images there are still a lot of very useable everyday ones and it was fun doing a naughty mani, tho I did have to hide it when I went to the Post Office and I hope to never shove my hand in my knickers ever again to take a photo…. 😆😂

File 3-02-2016, 9 52 53 AM

The Basic Instinct plates are available now from Bundle Monster


Disclosure Statement

Iscreamnails recently sent me five polishes to review. I’ve had my eye on them for a while, just look at the cute bottles! They are an Aussie Company with salons in Melbourne and Sydney and have worked with some of Australias top brands and specialise in nail art for events such as hens days, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events and instore events. They have a range of 17 (currently) nail polishes all in these cute ice cream cone bottles.

File 25-01-2016, 1 22 03 PM
From the top clockwise: Blackberry Mousse, Of Course Apple Sauce!, You Blue It!, Big Marshmallow and Gummy Bear

Continue reading “Iscreamnails”

Gloss & Co Polish Review

Disclosure Statement

It’s always nice to come across a new polish brand and if that brand happens to be an Aussie one then that’s even better plus then be based in my home town and I’m very happy indeed! That’s Gloss & Co, owned by the very lovely Simone. We met for coffee just before Christmas and she kindly gave me some of her polish to review.


File 4-01-2016, 10 29 45 PM


The polish comes in very nice packaging

File 4-01-2016, 8 56 24 AM


So on with the swatches! I used three coats unless otherwise stated. All of the polishes are 5 free, cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Saint – A white creme. Its a nice white, not too stark, not yellowy – just right! The formula was OK, and definitely needs three coats for opacity.

File 4-01-2016, 8 56 12 AM


Storm – I love Grey’s and this one sits very nicely in my collection. It leans a bit to blue and I don’t have anything like it in my modest collection ;0) Two coats and a nice formula for this one.

File 4-01-2016, 8 53 27 AM


Florence – A Periwinkle blue and such a pretty shade. Two thickish coats might do it but I went with three thin coats.

File 4-01-2016, 8 54 59 AM


Bingo – is beautiful deep royal blue. The formula on this one is a bit more crelly than pure creme. The first coat was very thin and definitely needed three coats but applies easily.

File 4-01-2016, 8 55 11 AM


Poppy – Again this one is more of a crelly and patchy on the first coat but evens out nicely in three coats. Poppy does seem a weird name for a purple!

File 4-01-2016, 8 54 31 AM


Amity – a vibrant in your face pink, so bright! Needless to say I loved this one!

File 4-01-2016, 8 55 24 AM


Oscar – A flamingo Coral is how this one is described and I’d say that’s spot on!

File 4-01-2016, 8 55 37 AM


Top Coat – I only tried this on Cindy, I mean what NPA keeps a top coat on long enough to test durability?!! It applied easily and isn’t thick like some light curable top coats. Dries really quickly and on one quick test didn’t smudge my stamping.

File 5-01-2016, 9 06 04 AM


The Nail Arts – 

File 4-01-2016, 8 39 54 AM
Florence stamped using Messy Mansion Carbon and BP-L006


File 4-01-2016, 8 53 41 AM
A gradient of Storm, Florence and Bingo


File 4-01-2016, 8 53 55 AM
And the gradient stamped using Barry M Silver Foil sand Konad Square plate 11


File 4-01-2016, 8 53 09 AM
A base of Saint with Amity, Poppy and Bingo applied with a fan brush then stamped using Mundo de Unas Black and Lesly LS-119


File 4-01-2016, 11 07 06 PM
Amity water spotted with Essie Licorice and topped with some Born Pretty studs


File 4-01-2016, 8 40 15 AM
Poppy and Amity with an accent of Saint stamped using Amity and a Born Pretty plate, forgot to note which!


Universe – Is absolutely packed full of gold glitter.

File 4-01-2016, 8 54 44 AM
Poppy with Universe


File 4-01-2016, 8 56 00 AM
Oscar stamped using Messy Mansion Carbon and Moyou Pro XL-18

Storm would be my favourite not only for the colour but the formula which seems a bit hit and miss across the polishes. Amity is such a fresh summery colour and Florence just so darned pretty. Gloss & Co can be found here They have a wide range of around 40 colours and also top and base coats, cuticle oil and removers.



Hit the Bottle Stamping Polish – Part 2, Mani’s

Michele from HTB sent me 10 stamping polishes to try….

File 20-12-2015, 11 18 17 AM

Clockwise from the top they are, Purple Dragon, Call a Plumber, Smurf Blood, A Flock of Seagulls, Looking for Mr. Grey, Teal-riffic, Cactus Juice, Taupe-lessly Devoted, Let’s Go to the Peach and Drunk Tank Pink.

My previous post was swatches of these gorgeous stamping polishes. Now come the mani’s…


Purple Dragon and Call a Plumber – I love the richness of these two.

File 20-12-2015, 12 31 10 PM
Stamped using hēhē 004 over Zoya Aspen


Surf Blood and A flock of Seagulls – Double stamping. Fancy!

File 20-12-2015, 11 18 04 AM
Double Stamped using UberchicBeauty plates 1-03 and Love & Marriage over Scofflaw Wrath of Julia Child


Looking for Mr. Grey – I just love grey. Anything grey at all! This one is so good

File 20-12-2015, 12 45 37 PM
Stamped using Lesly L-119 over Alchemy Lacquer Princess of the Forlorn Desire


Teal-riffic, Cactus Juice and Taupe-lessly Devoted –  The shimmer in Teal-riffic is terrific! I love me a leaf stamp ;o)

File 20-12-2015, 11 17 36 AM
Stamped using Pueen Nature Lover over Essie Wrap Me Up


Let’s Go to the Peach – A bit of tone on tone stamping that I like more than I thought I would!

File 20-12-2015, 12 54 58 PM
Stamped using Pueen Fancy Lover over Scofflaw Atomic Poodle


Drunk Tank Pink – This has a crème finish and is just gorgeous! My favourite one!

File 20-12-2015, 11 17 02 AM
Stamped using Born Pretty BP-09 over Powder Perfect Ghostlike Charm


File 11-12-2015, 4 55 39 PM
Middle two nails, stamped over white using Pueen Fairytale Lover

I really can’t fault any of these stamping polishes. Michelle has the formulae just right and they are such a bargain, $3.75 for 5ml and $6.75 for 9ml. They are available from here  and my recommendation would be go with the 5ml size and buy all of them!!


Margaret x



Hit the Bottle Stamping Polish – Part 1 , polish swatches

Disclosure Statement

Michelle from Hit the Bottle kindly sent me 10 stamping polishes to review. I bought my first HTB’s some time ago and was keen to add more to my stamping polish arsenal ;o)

File 20-12-2015, 11 18 17 AM
Ten little bottle of awesomeness!

Part 1 will be swatches of the stamping polish, part 2 will be mani’s using them.

I chose two stamping images from UberchicBeauty plate 1-03 and stamped them over black and white polish for each sample and took photos in a light box and good old Queensland daylight. So here we go!

Purple Dragon – A warm mid toned purple crème polish.

File 20-12-2015, 11 18 35 AM
Top daylight, bottom light box

Call a Plumber – rich plum coloured polish

File 20-12-2015, 11 18 54 AM
Top daylight, bottom light box

Surf Blood – a Smurf blue coloured crème polish

File 20-12-2015, 11 19 11 AM
Top daylight, bottom light box

A flock of Seagulls – a pale grey crème polish

File 20-12-2015, 11 19 55 AM
Top daylight, bottom light box

Looking for Mr. Grey – a mid toned grey crème polish

File 20-12-2015, 11 20 16 AM
Top daylight, bottom light box

Teal-riffic – a teal coloured polish with a shimmer

File 20-12-2015, 11 20 34 AM
Top daylight, bottom light box

Cactus Juice – a mid toned slightly mossy shade of green

File 20-12-2015, 11 20 52 AM
Top daylight, bottom light box

Taupe-lessly Devoted – a taupe coloured polish with a slight gold sheen

File 20-12-2015, 11 21 10 AM
Top daylight, bottom light box

Let’s Go to the Peach – a bright peachy orange crème polish

File 20-12-2015, 11 21 29 AM
Top daylight, bottom light box

Drunk Tank Pink – a pale pink crème polish

File 20-12-2015, 11 21 49 AM
Top daylight, bottom light box

All ten of these stamping polishes are excellent. I have a particular fondness of the cremes, A flock of Seagulls, Looking for Mr. Grey and Drunk Tank Pink would be my favourites but really I will be using all of these many times in the future.

Hit the Bottle  polishes are available in two size, 5 ml for $3.75 and 9ml for $6.75 (Aussie $’s) I think that is an absolute bargain!


Margaret x


Pueen Cosmetics – Love Box Stamping Set

Disclosure Statement

Pueen Cosmetics kindly sent me their Love Box Stamping Set to review. I thought love box, bit odd to have a box full of love. As the plates are called Nature Lover, Fairytale Lover, Geo Lover and Fancy Lover I think it means loving the stamping images!

The box contains four plates with a stamper and scraper.

File 11-12-2015, 5 25 25 PM
Photo taken from Pueen website


The plates are backed with coloured hard plastic that doesn’t stick out over the edges of the plates. There is a look and feel of quality about them. The images are all etched perfectly and all pick up using a variety of stampers.

File 11-12-2015, 4 54 19 PM
Photo taken from Pueen website

The mani’s….

File 20-12-2015, 5 59 01 PM



Nature Lover 01 – I had to choose the rose image. Ooo I do love a good rose and this one is excellent! It stamps so perfectly over this quite heavy textured polish. And leaves, you can’t go wrong with a leafy mani.

File 11-12-2015, 3 28 31 PM
Stamped using Ya Qin An White over Maybelline Pink Sand


File 11-12-2015, 4 55 19 PM
Stamped using Hit the Bottle Taupe-lessly Devoted, Cactus Juice and Teal-riffic over Essie Wrap Me Up


Fairytale Lover 01 – I love these little hearts, mental note made to use next Valentines ;0) The swirly image is so gorgeous pared with a vampy gradient.

File 11-12-2015, 4 55 39 PM
Stamped using Mundo de Unas White and Hit the Bottle Drunk Tank Pink over OPI Suzy Shops and Island Hops topped with Serum No5 Pink Peonies and OPI Alpine White


File 20-12-2015, 6 52 59 AM
Stamped usingMessy mansion Sterling over China Glaze Mix and Mingle and Better Not Pout


Fancy Lover 01 – I shrank the first image down slightly using to fit my too small nails as I loved it so much! Then a bit of tone on tone stamping

File 11-12-2015, 4 54 53 PM
Stamped using Mundo de Unas Black filled in with OPI Color Paints over OPI Comet Closer


File 20-12-2015, 6 18 51 AM
Stamped using Hit the Bottle Let’s Go to the Peach over Scofflaw Atomic Poodle


Geo Lover 01 – I do love geometric images so this one is my favourite plate – I love all of the images on it!

File 11-12-2015, 4 55 58 PM
Stamped using Mundo de Unas Black over Femme Fatale Cosmetics Deepstone


File 20-12-2015, 6 19 11 AM
Reverse stamped using Mundo de Unas Black over a-england Perceval and Fotheringay Castle

I love these plates. All of the images I used are crisp and transfer perfectly. I’ll certainly be using them again.

I did use the stamper for some of the mani’s. I had to prime it with a rub down with acetone and then it picked up perfectly.

The Love Box Stamping St is available from Pueen retailing at $18.99 0r the plates are available individually for $4.99


Margaret x