Pretty Serious Breathless

Breathless by Pretty Serious was designed as a wedding gift to pollypolish aka Hannah aka my daughter! It is a gorgeous Kelly green polish with silver shimmer flakes.
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First the swatches then some of the back story behind this lovely polish.


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Natural light


File 16-03-2016, 1 43 06 PM
Light box


File 16-03-2016, 1 41 31 PM


File 16-03-2016, 1 41 52 PM
macro and bottle shot


Kaz the Supreme Overlord of Pretty Serious contacted me just about a year ago saying she wanted to make a special polish for Hannah’s (and Boyd’s!) wedding and was thinking of a green as it is one of Hannah’s favourite shades. My mission whilst I was over in England visiting Hannah was to find out which green, which finish and which “bits” to go in this polish without Hannah suspecting. It took most of the four weeks I stayed in Norwich to weasel this information out of her. Most mothers are sneaky beasts by nature so it really wasn’t too difficult 😉 I relayed Kelly green, crème, two coater and little silver sparkles to Kaz and she nailed it! Now it didn’t quite make it in time for the wedding but that meant the awesome artist Leigh Young could work her magic and design a postcard to accompany the polish.


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Everything about this is just perfect. Here’s a photograph of the happy trio, Hannah, Boyd and Sookie the dog!


File 16-03-2016, 1 47 47 PM


Plus one more of the bride in her reception dress. I was one very proud mother!

File 16-03-2016, 1 47 32 PM


If you are wondering why the polish is called Breathless, well that’s the song by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds that Hannah walked down the aisle to. For aisle read field to a be married under a flower bedecked willow arch on the one gorgeous fine sunny day in England last year! It truly was a magical day.


If you’ve made it this far then you deserve a treat. This is the photo that Hannah and Boyd used in their thank you email taken by the (not so) professional photographer! I like to think the face is at my shoes hurting….

File 16-03-2016, 3 40 49 PM

Breathless is available now from Pretty Serious  at the bargain price of $9.95 Au and comes with the delightful postcard. It is a limited Edition of 300 so get in quickly!

  • Such a beautiful polish AND story behind it!! Your daughter is truly lovely and these wedding pics are super! 🙂

    • Margaret Tometzki

      Thank you Kim. She looked stunning. Boyd is one lucky man!

  • Still my favourite ever photo of you x

    • Margaret Tometzki

      Too funny, child.

  • That illustration is the most beautiful thing!!! This colour is so quintessentially Hannah, you and Kaz really nailed it!

    • Margaret Tometzki

      Thank you Emily. That illustration is just so perfect!