Essie Autumn 2015 – Swatches and Nail Arts

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Yay it’s officially Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere! Go away heat and let me get a jumper out.

This is a collection of six polishes that capture the powerful allure of the ingénues of the rock era with intensely saturated hues. Well said Essie, yep they are a powerful bunch!

File 28-02-2016, 2 11 12 PM
Bottle photo from


Leggy Legend – An alloyed bronze with tiny pink almost invisible pink shimmers. Two coats and this one stamps!

File 28-02-2016, 1 49 57 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 39 13 PM
Stamped using UberChic Beauty 3-03 and their Luxe stamper to shrink the image


Color Bling – A gorgeous orange red. One coat looked a bit dodgy but fixed up perfectly by a second though there is a slight vnl. Shoulda done a third coat.
File 28-02-2016, 1 48 00 PM


View the Band – A rich burgundy red and one I love! Two coats for this one.
File 28-02-2016, 1 58 10 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 39 00 PM
Stamped using UberChic Beauty 6-02 and Frock ‘n Roll


In the Lobby – A deep plum and such a wearable shade. Another two coater

File 28-02-2016, 2 06 36 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 38 16 PM
Vinailicious nail vinyls and Essie Beyond Cozy. Look at the middle, it’s perfect. The ring is stuffed up!


Bell -bottom Blues – Described as a midnight indigo this one applies much darker than the bottle and I was a bit disappointed with it. I wanted it to have more of an electric blue flash to it. Formula is great, two coats.

File 28-02-2016, 2 03 58 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 37 48 PM
Vinailicious nail vinyls and Barry M Silver Foil


Frock ‘n Roll – Essie describe this as espresso but I’d say more aubergine. This could be a one coater but I’m not careful enough for that so this is two coats. I love this one and yes it stamps!

File 28-02-2016, 2 00 34 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 38 28 PM
Stamped using UberChic Beauty 7-02

I’m assuming we will have these as a limited edition this autumn in Australia. Check out your local Priceline!

My favourites are Frock ‘n Roll, View the Band and In the Lobby