Dance Legend – Anna Gorelova

Disclosure Statement

Anna Gorelova has had collections with dance Legend for some time and I own quite a lot. She is my all time nail crush. Swoon. So I was so happy to be sent four to review. Check out the awesome boxes!


File 28-02-2016, 10 31 11 AM


File 28-02-2016, 10 40 33 AM


Summer Collection

29 Pasque-flower – is a pale lilac/ pink packed full of gold, blue and pearl shimmer.Two coats only which is quite amazing for such a pale shade. It’s quite unique in my collection.

File 26-02-2016, 11 00 42 AM


File 26-02-2016, 11 03 21 AM
Full sun


25 – Dawn – Cornflower blue with gold glitter and blue shimmer plus holo, and this baby is ticking all the boxes. What more could I want? Well add a colour change in sunlight to purple and this is my perfect polish!

File 26-02-2016, 10 53 56 AM
Light box


Full sun

The colour change is ridiculously fast, like instant! Serious car crash stuffs! I am just in love.

File 26-02-2016, 10 53 24 AM
Shade and sun. Fancy!


Winter 15/16

37 January – A navy polish with scattered holo. The holo is quite sparse which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a bit tricky to photograph and irl is much nicer. There’s definitely a metallic look to this one.

File 26-02-2016, 10 58 02 AM
Light box


File 26-02-2016, 11 00 16 AM
Indoor daylight


43 July – A delicate cream polish with copper/gold glitters that shift pink in the bottle but I couldn’t see it on my nails ūüėĀ

File 28-02-2016, 10 39 23 AM
Light box


File 2-03-2016, 5 30 23 PM


There is a huge variety of polish across the Anna Gorelova range and I love them all. Out of these four the winner for me hands down is the colour changing Dawn.

Dance Legend polish is available here and they can be followed on Facebook and Instagram