Bundle Monster Part 3

Disclosure Statement

The huge Bundle Monster package that I received recently contained a variety of nail stamping accessories 😍


Poli-Peel Cuticle Protector

File 31-01-2016, 11 34 09 AM

I’ve tried so many of these products and basically they all do a good job. The two things I’m looking for are quick dry time and ease of removal in one piece. Poli-Peel dries rosy pink and translucent and you can see exactly where it is and it peels off in one piece. I love peeling it off, reminds me of my childhood and sticking glue on my hands in art lessons to peel off later when  was bored in Maths lessons…. It ticks both boxes ✔️ and I’d go so far as to say it’s the best one I’ve tried 😍 Poli-peel is now also available as a 60ml refill bottle and with a smaller precision brush for fine detailed work.


Semi-squishy Mega Stamper

This comes with two stamper heads and a cup to sit them in plus a firm and flimsy scraper card. I love the designs on these, no need to be boring!

File 31-01-2016, 10 20 42 AM
Photo taken from Bundle Monster website

I used the red stamping head when I stamped using white polish in this mani –

File 31-01-2016, 12 08 52 PM

It picks up and transfers perfectly. I did not prime this one and cleaned with a lint roller. As yet I haven’t tried the white stamper head but it looks to be exactly like the red one.


 Squishy Round Metal Stampers

These are quite small but very useful for small detailed stamping. It’s easy to place the stamp just where you want it by picking up the image close to the edge of the stamper. Both the pink and the purple are the same squishyness and both pick up and transfer so well, though I did have to prime them buy washing with washing up liquid and a magic eraser. One of these is now in my travel nail art bag! They come with firm and flimsy scraping cards. I’m a firm gal!!    

File 17-02-2016, 7 07 51 AM

A V-day mani using the purple stamper

File 17-02-2016, 7 18 02 AM


Nail Stamping Guide Templates

This is a four piece set of metal stamping guides.

File 17-02-2016, 6 56 47 AM
Photo taken from Bundle Monster website

I used the nail shape one to draw around my decals choosing the one that was slightly large than my nail size

File 17-02-2016, 7 54 40 AM

I haven’t as yet tried the remaining guides which you use over a stamping plate to select a certain part of the image, such a great idea!

All of these products are available here on the bundle monster website.



  • They have a lot of great new nail art items! <3

    • Margaret Tometzki

      Yes they do!