Bundle Monster – Part 1

Disclosure Statement

Recently the lovely Tiana from Bundle Monster sent me a bumper nail mail packageĀ šŸ˜Š

File 31-01-2016, 10 18 19 AM

In this post I’ll Ā be reviewing the Lotus Mat and Mochi Stamping Station.

The Lotus Mat

File 31-01-2016, 10 57 13 AM
Dimensions – 40cm x 30cm

I’m sure everyone knows what these silicone mats are all about. You can use them to protect your working space and practice mani’s using the clear and black spaces to try stamping images out. The nail shapes, tho a bit large, are great for making decals. I like the black sections to try pale coloured polish on. It’s easy to clean up as it’s acetone resistant. I can’t imagine nail life without a mat!

You can do gradients on the Lotus Mat to save all the mess on your nails. Crafty!!


Mochi Stamping Station (or Mochi Stamper)

This is something totally unique to me. I’ve seen large stampers but none this large.

File 31-01-2016, 11 04 59 AM
Dimensions – 12cm x 5cm

It’s semi squishy and a bit sticky. I did prime it by wiping with a magic eraser as it was quite oily when it arrived. I have not used acetone on it. It picks up very well by either rolling over the image or by pressing the plate onto the upturned mocha stamper. on the large buffet plates I did have to hang onto the edges when stamping or it fell out of the holder! It’s easy to clean off the excess with a lint roller. Two stamping cards come with it, a firm and a flimsy one. I don’t get along with the flimsy ones šŸ˜

File 31-01-2016, 11 15 17 AM
My finger looks huge as its quite a way above the stamper so I didn’t accidentally touch it whilst taking the pic! There isn’t much left after stamping four fingers!

The finished mani using the Lotus Mat and Mochi Stamper

File 31-01-2016, 10 25 18 AM
Gradient using piCture pOlish Muse, Monroe and Rebelle


I also used the Lotus mat for this Mani

Striping tape was applied directly to the Lotus Mat

File 2-02-2016, 4 47 43 PM


Then I painted overĀ the tapeĀ using a glitter polish, allowed to dry before adding a quick dry top coat and once that was dry I peeled the decal off the mat.

File 2-02-2016, 4 16 28 PM
Powder Perfect Abydos

They were cut to shape and then applied over still tacky polish

File 2-02-2016, 4 15 23 PM
Powder Perfect Late at Night as a base.

Another coat of top coat to seal the decals down. Very little clean up of the messy glitter and so easy compared to applying the striping tape to my nails!


I also used the Mochi Stamper for this mani

I started with a gradient

File 2-02-2016, 5 00 56 PM
Cupcake Polish Instant Re-leaf and New York

and stamped using my Mochi Stamper

File 2-02-2016, 4 58 53 PM
BM -XL210 and Mundodeunas White

I managed to do three nails from the one image.

File 2-02-2016, 5 06 50 PM

The finished mani šŸ˜Š

File 31-01-2016, 10 23 13 AM
Cupcake Polish Instant Re-leaf and New York stamped using BM-XL210 and Mundodeunas White


I’ve enjoyed reviewing both of these products and will definitely be using them a lot in the future.

The Lotus Mat is available from Bundle MonsterĀ now and the Mochi Stamper on February 4th.





  • Christy H

    I might have to to get that stamper and I definitely need to step up my game on what the mat can be used for.

    • Margaret Tometzki

      I can definitely recommend the mat!

  • Just got my lotus mat too…looking forward to using it and see if better than my cheap baby proof silicone placemat that I got years ago. Love your post! Genius idea to do striping tape on a nice flat surface rather than our curvy nails!!

    • Margaret Tometzki

      I can’t imagine how I did nail arts without a mat!! I love striping tape and it is so easy this way – I can even do Cindy!!

  • Lyndsey Wright

    Were you able to do one nail at a time on the mochi or did you press down as many as you could to beat the polish drying?

    • Margaret Tometzki

      Hi Lindsey. You can do one at a time. I top coated my nails before stamping and it wasn’t fully dry which helps picking up the stamped image.

      • Lyndsey Wright

        Ok Thank you, I had visions of stamping 3 or 4 nails at a time and being done in 5 minutes, which in reality is probably unlikely haha!

        • Margaret Tometzki

          Ok I maybe didn’t say that too well. Yes you can do all of your nails with the one stamp if your base is a little tacky so the stamp sticks. So using a large image or one of the buffet plates you can either jam all of your nails into the Mochi together or one by one if you want to select the part of the design a little better. Literally pick up the image, stamp,all of your nails and bam job done! I need more coffee, it’s still early!

          • Lyndsey Wright

            Ok I’m with you, That’s a great tip having a tacky base, so even it dries on the stamp the tacky base will still pick it up, I’m excited to order mine and experiment! Thank you!