Sea Siren Cosmetics – Bewitching Brights 2013 Collection

Disclosure Statement

Deborah from Sea Siren Cosmetics very generously also sent me the Bewitching Brights 2013 Collection. Now these just hit the spot for our Aussie summer, So bright and vibrant!

File 7-12-2015, 10 00 38 AM


Clownfish Conga – is a bright tangerine/orange crème polish – reminiscent of that famous little fishy darting in and out of the anenome.

2015-12-06 16.31.47
2 coats, no undies

Sea Dayze –  a bright blue glossy crème polish, I love this one

2015-12-06 16.18.31
2 coats, no undies

Code Purple –  a bright berry/purple crème gloss and so awesome!

2015-12-06 17.07.06
2 coats, no undies

Mojito Mania – a bright green crème nail polish. This was the only disappointing one. Vnl after 3 coats so here it’s 2 coats over  a white base. It is a stunning shade!

2015-12-06 16.26.42
2 coats over white

Where’s My Sunnies – right yellow creme nail polish. You certainly need sunnies for this one ;o)

2015-12-06 16.39.01
3 coats, no undies

Gossip –  bright pink crème gloss nail polish with a purple undertone.

2015-12-06 16.59.28
2 coats, no undies

Nail arts

Sailaway Heather (OK not part of the collection) Clownfish Conga and Where’s My Sunnies in a gradient. No white base.

2015-12-06 14.41.44

And stamped over….

File 7-12-2015, 9 56 12 AM
Stamped using Mundodeunas Black and Pueen 99

Sea Dayze and Mojito Mania – with  touch of white

2015-12-06 14.53.22
Dragged flowers

I love all of these, with the exception of the formula of Mojito Mania but it can be forgiven because of the bright gorgeous colour. These are all available from Sea Siren Cosmetics A massive thank you to Deborah for sending these polishes to me for review, I’ll certainly be using them again!