ÜberChic Beauty Christmas-01 Stamping Plate

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I know it’s still November and I’m breaking all of my own rules by doing a Christmas post before the 1st of December but…. well you really don’t want to leave this ÜberChic Stamping plate for your list for Santa. You need it NOW to do wonderful Christmassy manis!


Gorgeous images aren’t they! I have a heap of mani ideas in my head busting to get out!!


And did you know that you can shrink the images using ÜberChic’s Luxe stamper? Its easy peasy following Brittany’s video in the UberChic Geeks Facebook group.

Luxe Stamper – It comes with two stamper heads, this one is the softest

Uberchic Luxe Stamper

When it’s popped out of the holder it looks much larger!



That’s how it magically shrinks the image. You stamp with it in the holder then pop it out and place it on your nail. Voila much smaller.




And my first Christmas mani’s. I love the stamping over textured polish. My lights are a bit meh because I was in a rush. Oh well!!