Essie Cashmere Matte Collection

Disclosure Statement

I’ve had this collection for a few weeks waiting for the polish to hit the shops. They are Limited Editions and will be available from Priceline during August and September. The Press Release states that the polishes have a satin-matte finish that is durable and infused with a mattifier for texture and micro pearls for a luxurious super-soft finish. They certainly have a very unique finish.




 Wrap Me Up is a lovely light nude shade with one of the best formulas, I used two coats. A flattering shade for my skin tone.




Just Stitched is a pale pink and such a pretty shade and such a shame that it has the worst formula of the collection. Its dreadful, applies patchy and subsequent coats drag the previous ones off. I use three coats and ended up just slapping it on!




All Eyes On Nudes is a caramel nude and not particularly flattering to my skin tone. I used three coats but the formula was fine just a bit thiner than some of the others.




Cozy in Cashmere is one of my favourites, but how would you describe the colour? A sort of mauve greige? Whatever, it’s a stunning colour and the formula is spot on, two perfect coats.




Coat Couture is my favourite of the collection. A moody looking purply dark grey (yep I’m awesome at picking colours ;o) ) and two easy coats to apply. I can see me wearing this as a full mani. Yes it does happen sometimes….





Spun in Luxe is another one I love. A blue-black that has a gorgeous blue shimmer and to me it’s crying out for a glossy top coat. Yes I know that’s not the point but for me it would be totally stunning all shiny and shimmery.




And a bit of nail art…. Cozy in Cashmere stamped using Mundodeunas Black and DRK stamping plate Themes – Mystic Ocean



Spun in Luxe stamped with Krafty Gurl Gloss it and …. do you think I can remember which stamping plate? I mean I have one or two and I didn’t write it down and who knows which one it could be and mental note to self to be more organised and…. well, I just hope you  like the mani!



Polish provided for review