Dance Legend Binary

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Binary is a collection of crèmes and shimmers that are long lasting when worn with the special top coat. I didn’t receive the top coat so I can’t comment but I do believe they claim it will extend the wear of your polish by three days. I was sent two crèmes.

31 Polina – This is a really nice white, not dazzling in your face and not creamy, just well, white! It’s not quite that perfect one coater that we all search for but it is an excellent two coater and I will use this a lot as a base for nail art.


File 26-02-2016, 10 56 04 AM
Light box


32 Veronika – A lovely raspberry red, one coat and so easy to apply

File 26-02-2016, 10 56 22 AM
Light box

Now it’s always an added bonus when a regular polish stamps and these both do so very well.

File 26-02-2016, 10 56 37 AM
Stamped using Moyra Florality 1

Dance Legend can be purchased here with International Delivery. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all  the latest news.

Polish Destash

I’m having a huge polish cull. New homes are needed for a lot of polish I wouldn’t wear out or I just don’t love as much as I could.

Unfortunately it is Australia only as stupid Aus Post won’t let me mail polish out of the country. I’m sure it is totally capable of bringing down a plane. NOT!

So China Glaze is the first up an there is a spread sheet

Aus Post standard charges which works out at six polishes in an $8.25 satchel – they are heavy bottles!!


M x

Dance Legend Mystery

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I have two of the flake polishes from this collection and boy are they stunning!

File 28-02-2016, 12 08 52 PM
Top 8 Invocation, bottom 11 Supernatural


8 Invocation – This one is predominantly a green/ blue/purple shifter and oh so many flakies in these polishes, far too many to attempt to identify so straight in with the photos. Two coats applied with the brush, no sponging necessary.

File 26-02-2016, 12 07 40 PM
Light box

Just seeing a flash of the blue.

File 26-02-2016, 12 08 01 PM
Light box
File 26-02-2016, 12 08 56 PM

11 Supernatural – This one shifts from purple/ gold/ green and is stuffed full with flakies. Two coats applied directly

File 26-02-2016, 12 08 38 PM
Light box


File 26-02-2016, 12 08 18 PM
Light box


File 28-02-2016, 12 35 36 PM
Stamped using Vivid Lacquer VL041 and Messy Mansion Carbon


File 8-03-2016, 7 21 40 AM
Terrible photo but look at that shift!


File 26-02-2016, 12 09 13 PM

I loved these. No undies needed and full coverage in two coats. Available from Dance Legend with International delivery . Remember to follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Essie Autumn 2015 – Swatches and Nail Arts

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Yay it’s officially Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere! Go away heat and let me get a jumper out.

This is a collection of six polishes that capture the powerful allure of the ingénues of the rock era with intensely saturated hues. Well said Essie, yep they are a powerful bunch!

File 28-02-2016, 2 11 12 PM
Bottle photo from


Leggy Legend – An alloyed bronze with tiny pink almost invisible pink shimmers. Two coats and this one stamps!

File 28-02-2016, 1 49 57 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 39 13 PM
Stamped using UberChic Beauty 3-03 and their Luxe stamper to shrink the image


Color Bling – A gorgeous orange red. One coat looked a bit dodgy but fixed up perfectly by a second though there is a slight vnl. Shoulda done a third coat.
File 28-02-2016, 1 48 00 PM


View the Band – A rich burgundy red and one I love! Two coats for this one.
File 28-02-2016, 1 58 10 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 39 00 PM
Stamped using UberChic Beauty 6-02 and Frock ‘n Roll


In the Lobby – A deep plum and such a wearable shade. Another two coater

File 28-02-2016, 2 06 36 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 38 16 PM
Vinailicious nail vinyls and Essie Beyond Cozy. Look at the middle, it’s perfect. The ring is stuffed up!


Bell -bottom Blues – Described as a midnight indigo this one applies much darker than the bottle and I was a bit disappointed with it. I wanted it to have more of an electric blue flash to it. Formula is great, two coats.

File 28-02-2016, 2 03 58 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 37 48 PM
Vinailicious nail vinyls and Barry M Silver Foil


Frock ‘n Roll – Essie describe this as espresso but I’d say more aubergine. This could be a one coater but I’m not careful enough for that so this is two coats. I love this one and yes it stamps!

File 28-02-2016, 2 00 34 PM

File 28-02-2016, 3 38 28 PM
Stamped using UberChic Beauty 7-02

I’m assuming we will have these as a limited edition this autumn in Australia. Check out your local Priceline!

My favourites are Frock ‘n Roll, View the Band and In the Lobby

Dance Legend – Anna Gorelova

Disclosure Statement

Anna Gorelova has had collections with dance Legend for some time and I own quite a lot. She is my all time nail crush. Swoon. So I was so happy to be sent four to review. Check out the awesome boxes!


File 28-02-2016, 10 31 11 AM


File 28-02-2016, 10 40 33 AM


Summer Collection

29 Pasque-flower – is a pale lilac/ pink packed full of gold, blue and pearl shimmer.Two coats only which is quite amazing for such a pale shade. It’s quite unique in my collection.

File 26-02-2016, 11 00 42 AM


File 26-02-2016, 11 03 21 AM
Full sun


25 – Dawn – Cornflower blue with gold glitter and blue shimmer plus holo, and this baby is ticking all the boxes. What more could I want? Well add a colour change in sunlight to purple and this is my perfect polish!

File 26-02-2016, 10 53 56 AM
Light box


Full sun

The colour change is ridiculously fast, like instant! Serious car crash stuffs! I am just in love.

File 26-02-2016, 10 53 24 AM
Shade and sun. Fancy!


Winter 15/16

37 January – A navy polish with scattered holo. The holo is quite sparse which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a bit tricky to photograph and irl is much nicer. There’s definitely a metallic look to this one.

File 26-02-2016, 10 58 02 AM
Light box


File 26-02-2016, 11 00 16 AM
Indoor daylight


43 July – A delicate cream polish with copper/gold glitters that shift pink in the bottle but I couldn’t see it on my nails 😁

File 28-02-2016, 10 39 23 AM
Light box


File 2-03-2016, 5 30 23 PM


There is a huge variety of polish across the Anna Gorelova range and I love them all. Out of these four the winner for me hands down is the colour changing Dawn.

Dance Legend polish is available here and they can be followed on Facebook and Instagram



Essie Summer 2015 Collection

Disclosure Statement

I’m a bit late to the party with this collection, but hey it is still Summer down under!

File 28-02-2016, 1 08 12 PM
Bottle photo taken from

I absolutely love this collection and as we have summer weather mostly all year around in Brisbane I’ll be using these beauties a lot!


Private Weekend – This looks so pretty in the bottle with a gorgeous shimmer but sadly you can’t see it on the nail. This is three coats but I will forgive it as it watermarbles!! I’ll post that separately in a Summer 2015 Collection nail arts post😊

File 26-02-2016, 2 46 02 PM
See that lovely shimmer in the bottle only 😓


Chillato – Essie describe it as a frozen pistachio but to me its more lemon and a pretty shade. Another three coater.

File 26-02-2016, 2 46 32 PM


Peach Side Babe – This is the perfect summer peach shade and a great two coat formula.

File 26-02-2016, 2 46 52 PM


Sunset Sneaks –  A vibrant crimson red and just right for summer. The first coat was a little patchy but the second coat sorted

File 28-02-2016, 1 21 44 PM


Saltwater Happy – Essie describe it as a sugar-sweet atlantic blue and who am I to argue with that? It’s a winner for me, I love this one. Two coats of heaven.

File 28-02-2016, 1 22 08 PM


Pret-a-surfer – An intense marine blue and this one is a one coater and it stamps. I did use two coats for my swatch cos that’s what I’m like 😂

File 28-02-2016, 1 21 57 PM

This collection is a limited edition in Australia so nip down to Priceline pronto to nab them before they’re gone. My picks are the two blues 💙💙

Pueen Love Elements Gift Box and Crystal Stamper

Disclosure Statement

I have the newest addition to the Pueen stamping plate collection, the Love Elements box and Crystal Stampers to play with .

File 17-02-2016, 9 07 09 AM
Photo Taken from Pueen website

As with all Pueen plates these are perfect etched and so easy to use. They have a plastic backing that is acetone resistant, a big bonus as I’m a messy worker and do love to slosh the acetone around 😉 The set of six plates comes with a small stamper that does work ok after a prime with a magic eraser but I’m not a fan and used the Crystal Stamper for the mani’s in this post.


Crystal Stamper


File 17-02-2016, 9 13 41 AM
Photo Taken from Pueen website

This comes in gold or silver each with two stamping heads. Both are exactly the same so I guess it’s do you prefer gold or silver? The crystal handle looks so classy and is really nice to use. The heads all pick up well with just a wipe with a magic eraser then a clean with a lint roller.

File 17-02-2016, 10 37 18 AM


And the mani’s 😊


Plate 26-29 – One of my favourite, I love the lacy images and the hearts

File 17-02-2016, 9 09 03 AM
Photo Taken from Pueen website


File 17-02-2016, 9 03 50 AM
Barry M Sugar Apple and Green Berry with Xromapolishandvinyls straight vinyls stamped using Sinful Colors SMW


Plate 30-33 – Some nice reverse stamping options on this one

File 17-02-2016, 9 18 29 AM
Photo Taken from Pueen website


File 17-02-2016, 9 21 34 AM
Barry M Sugar Plum, Fondant and Rose Hip smooshed together and stamped using Barry M Silver Foil


Plate 34-37 – Hearts and Geometrics mix it up on this one.

File 19-02-2016, 5 39 00 PM
Photo taken from Pueen website


File 17-02-2016, 9 25 56 AM
KB Shimmer Watercolour stamped using Messy Mansion Carbon


Plate 38-41 – Some of the designs on this one might not be original but they are cute

File 17-02-2016, 9 28 11 AM
Photo Taken from Pueen website


File 17-02-2016, 9 32 06 AM
Illamasqua Faux Pas, Devotee Optimist and Loella stamped using Barry M Lilac Foil


Plate 42-45 – This one covers V day and Christmas! Some nice all year around images too

File 17-02-2016, 9 39 29 AM
Photo Taken from Pueen website


File 17-02-2016, 9 50 23 AM
Color Club Foxy Mama, Not so Mellow Yellow and Kapok! stamped using Messy Mansion Carbon


Plate 46-49 – I love this plate, so many different styles of images 😍

File 17-02-2016, 9 52 18 AM
Photo Taken from Pueen website
File 17-02-2016, 9 58 15 AM
OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI stamped using Mundo de Unas Dark Grey and dots of OPI Rich Girls & Po-Boys

The Love Elements Gift Set retails at $22.99 US. With 24 images per plate thats a total of 144, excellent value for money! The Deluxe Crystal Stamper retails at $12.99. Both are available here from the Pueen website.

Bundle Monster Part 3

Disclosure Statement

The huge Bundle Monster package that I received recently contained a variety of nail stamping accessories 😍


Poli-Peel Cuticle Protector

File 31-01-2016, 11 34 09 AM

I’ve tried so many of these products and basically they all do a good job. The two things I’m looking for are quick dry time and ease of removal in one piece. Poli-Peel dries rosy pink and translucent and you can see exactly where it is and it peels off in one piece. I love peeling it off, reminds me of my childhood and sticking glue on my hands in art lessons to peel off later when  was bored in Maths lessons…. It ticks both boxes ✔️ and I’d go so far as to say it’s the best one I’ve tried 😍 Poli-peel is now also available as a 60ml refill bottle and with a smaller precision brush for fine detailed work.


Semi-squishy Mega Stamper

This comes with two stamper heads and a cup to sit them in plus a firm and flimsy scraper card. I love the designs on these, no need to be boring!

File 31-01-2016, 10 20 42 AM
Photo taken from Bundle Monster website

I used the red stamping head when I stamped using white polish in this mani –

File 31-01-2016, 12 08 52 PM

It picks up and transfers perfectly. I did not prime this one and cleaned with a lint roller. As yet I haven’t tried the white stamper head but it looks to be exactly like the red one.


 Squishy Round Metal Stampers

These are quite small but very useful for small detailed stamping. It’s easy to place the stamp just where you want it by picking up the image close to the edge of the stamper. Both the pink and the purple are the same squishyness and both pick up and transfer so well, though I did have to prime them buy washing with washing up liquid and a magic eraser. One of these is now in my travel nail art bag! They come with firm and flimsy scraping cards. I’m a firm gal!!    

File 17-02-2016, 7 07 51 AM

A V-day mani using the purple stamper

File 17-02-2016, 7 18 02 AM


Nail Stamping Guide Templates

This is a four piece set of metal stamping guides.

File 17-02-2016, 6 56 47 AM
Photo taken from Bundle Monster website

I used the nail shape one to draw around my decals choosing the one that was slightly large than my nail size

File 17-02-2016, 7 54 40 AM

I haven’t as yet tried the remaining guides which you use over a stamping plate to select a certain part of the image, such a great idea!

All of these products are available here on the bundle monster website.